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Small Business Accounting Services & Reports

With a strategic focus on long-term financial health, the Tax Management Group provides the accounting and consulting services owners need to help their businesses grow, from monthly bookkeeping to long-term business planning. Tax planning and business consulting is provided throughout the year. Every client is free to call any time to have their questions answered, without extra fees.

Accounting services provided include:

• Monthly Bookkeeping
• Financial Statements
• Business Analysis
• Business Planning
• Tax Planning
• Business Formation / Start-up Consulting

Business Accounting Reports

Tax Management Group provides easily understandable accounting reports that focus on the necessary facts about business cash: what’s available, where it’s going and where it’s coming from. As a business owner your time is no longer wasted reviewing needless information or sorting through excessive data.

We’ve also streamlined coding, entering and preparing records, saving time and boosting accuracy compared to other small business accounting software such as QuickBooks or Peachtree. Reporting is filed electronically and automatically, eliminating the need to lug boxes of paperwork. Past records are easily accessible on request. Reports are typically returned within a week after the information is received, so critical decisions can be made in real time. The information provided is also a comprehensive summary that is useful to lenders when applying for business loans.

The #1 source of new clients for Tax Management Group is referrals from satisfied clients.

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